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Sex-positive online therapy
to embrace your most authentic self.

Questioning your relationship orientation or sexual identity?

Worried about what it would mean to come out to friends and family?

Struggling to heal from cultural and family traumas?

No matter the presenting concern, no one should live in the shadows
or feel trapped in someone else's box.

Green Plants

Dr. Joy Berkheimer,


I am an LGBTQQIAAP+ affirming therapist and am passionate about serving my community. As a polyamourous therapist, my services are queer-friendly, sex-positive and kink-aware. I will stand beside you on your journey toward honoring your most authentic self.

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Types of Clients

You may find freedom and acceptance with That Joy Place if you are

  • single

  • dating

  • in a coupled relationship

  • in a polyamorous, ethically non-monogamous or open relationship

Young Gay Couple

Types of Issues

You will have a confidential environment to explore:

  • sexual desire/libido

  • sexual identity and orientation

  • coming out

  • sexual kinks and preferences

  • past toxic relationships

  • cultural, family & religious trauma

A Different Therapy Experience

You deserve support in finding your most authentic YOU.

I get it; you're used to handling things on your own in just about every other aspect of life. But there is something especially vulnerable about intimacy issues. You and your partner(s) may be just starting to explore the possibility of open relationship, playing with new kinks, or uncovering the traumas that have kept you blocked from full pleasure.


Having the support of a mental health professional who is well-versed on aspects of consensually non-monogamous relationships can help you and your partner(s) to negotiate your unique intimacy challenges. ,

I believe we can feel most empowered when define our own relationships, whatever those configurations and boundaries may look like. I have cultivated a safe space for you on your journey to explore and communicate your needs, promote honesty, connection, authenticity, and trust.

Young Couple
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Get the Free Relationship Guide

You don't have to do this alone.

Acceptance and freedom is yours.

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