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About Therapy with Joy

Everything is energy. Being in touch with our sexual energy put us in touch with our

most authentic selves in a happy, healthy, mindful way.

Therapy with That Joy Place intentionally works against traditional therapeutic models. I take a holistic approach, integrated evidenced-based mental health interventions with a tantric spiritual exploration of the energies that need to be adjusted in sex, intimacy, environment, thoughts, identity and practiced beliefs.

My therapy modality, F.A.R. Therapy, is how I will work with you to achieve the results you desire.

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Get to Know Your Therapist

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PhD in Clinical Sexology

Modern Sex Therapy Institute


M.S. Marriage, Family & Couples Therapy, Mental Health Counseling

Barry University

Life Coach

Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute

Intensive Intuitive Healing Training

with Keli Raymond at Pathway Hypnotherapy & Intuitive Counseling

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Florida: MFT #3402

Texas: MFT Lic #12571

Qualified Supervisor

 Florida Board of Marriage and Family Therapy

Certified Clinic Mental Health Counselor

National Board of Certified Counselors

Certified Trauma Informed Sensual Yoga Instructor

Sugar & Sage

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Fun Facts

 - I see myself as my own private canvas for an ongoing art show of secret but meaningful tattoos.

- If I had to choose to eat one food for the rest of my life, it would hands down be ice cream!

What is Therapy Like?

I believe my role as your therapist is to be intentionally different than anyone else in your life. I will challenge you to tap into your own strengths, build resiliency, and reclaim vulnerability, all while also offering a caring and nurturing space that honors your pace and needs. I often infuse humor and creativity into sessions as a way to continuously make our time together enjoyable and engaging.

How Does Energy Work integrate with Therapy?

The chakra system of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga provides insight into the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. In one’s quest to deeply get to know themselves and to rediscover their true nature, the chakras can be a powerful asset. Theoretical and experiential knowledge of the chakras offers the opportunity to heal emotional distress, examine and transform negative beliefs, and shift unsatisfying life patterns. The chakra system is very useful in the psychotherapy process, in that it can help in the identification of blockages to growth and opportunities for healing.

Energetic Messages

How does your physical world - your home, bedroom, attire, workspace - impact the energy you give off and receive?

Meaning of Sex

How do your family's values, your closest friendships and even your daily social media consumption impact the way you view sexuality? Positively, negatively, or even neutral subliminal messages about what is "good," "bad," or "normal."

Experience of Empowerment

How do you see what your choices are? Do you believe that you have a choice in shaping what intimacy is for you (e.g. sexual orientation, relationship orientation, surrender)? Are you in control of your body, loving of your temple?

In unblocking these messages, we can begin to intentionally create a script for intimacy that helps your energy flow in a mindful, satisfying way.

The Chakras

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Solar Plexus

Sacral Chakra symbol.jpg


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Image by Jennifer Lim-Tamkican
Image by Yumi Kim

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On Demand Educational Video Platform

As a sexologist, erotic embodiment practitioner and sensual yoga instructor, I theraputically support pleasure being a healthy and regular part of our lives. With this in mind, I've created a safe-haven for melanated goddesses.

Our curated online space is designed for melanated goddesses looking to reconnect with their bodies, explore pleasure, and move into their season of softness. 

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