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Chakra Challenge: Root Chakra

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

This challenge is for anyone who knows there is more out there in the way of love…..self love. All things spring from this well. Let’s make sure you cup runneth over with the right energy and start to attract the like into your life.

I may be asking you to look at things from a new lens that could feel “woo woo”. Hey, maybe it is. Our healing, shifting, self-discovery and journey to love comes with all sort of names, depending on who you are. We could pray about it, meditate on it, exercise, talk to someone, journal, hug a tree or create art even! At the end of the day, all these experiences are giving the same human message to do whatever you need to get out of your own way and allow in all the abundance we have available to us…because all we have are these present moments. Glow in them feverishly goddess!

The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra embodies our energy around security, safety, trusting others, the world and ourselves. It is connected to the element Earth. This is literally the rock bed for all other energy so we must get this aligned if we hope to expand in to all our other goddess glow.

In the balancing of the Root Chakra, you give yourself the gift of freedom! At the level of this energy we struggle with narratives that were created by your original love story. Who loved or didn’t love you well? What stain or seed did they leave for you? We must work towards letting go of old instances of abandonment and stop self-abandoning (chronically going against yourself). It is here we work on remembering you are invaluable; you are safe in your own arms and you are strong enough to move forward in all new challenges in life. You have the power to rewire how you think of your personal power. You are not a victim of anyone else’s poor choices in caring for you. You are a being who thrives and cultivates what you need. From this point forward, know you are free from your wounded story and you are a free to rest assured you are valuable, lovable and always worthy.

Root Chakra Challenge:

My challenge for you today: TRUST YOURSELF

Self-trust is the mindset that ‘whatever comes my way, I will be able to handle it.’

Today, start with a moment of meditation. For some quieting your mind can be a struggle. So I’m not even asking you to quiet what comes up for you, but to allow it to flow. Don’t be afraid of what comes up but trust that after some relaxing into that moment and shifting through what comes up, your intuitive self will decide what is an authentic thought (one that supports your true loved self) and expand upon that. Is 20 minutes too long? Start with 10 minutes of quiet, music, outdoors with the wind or whatever you can sit in without the need to over engage. Drop in this question to start and see what I comes up: “Who am I and what am I capable of?” That simple. Start here and I know you will like some of the true realizations that arrive.

How does this apply to my dating relationships? Listen, if you know who you are, you also know better who you are not and what the person you are will not settle for.

So let’s go and please, please share! I love hearing about your beautiful shifts and am always open to follow up questions about your experience in growth.

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