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Spirituality & Relationships

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Relationships are multi-faceted and important aspects in life. Most people long to meet their soul mate or someone close to it. When you have a spiritual relationship, you experience emotions on a deeper level through peace and understanding. Your harmonious bond encourages acceptance without the need to change each other. You love each other’s flaws and all.

How do you know you’re in a spiritual relationship? Let’s dig into telltale signs that your soul is on Cloud Nine.

1. Whatever you like

You share similarities in values and hobbies. You like to do the same fun activities. Most of all, you agree on your outlook of the world and your beliefs align.

2. Equality

You’re equals, yet have essential roles. Not in the traditional sense, but your roles make sense for your relationship. You all naturally fall into them, without suggestions and are completely comfortable doing them.

3. Talk isn’t cheap

You communicate about everything. Vulnerability and transparency exist wholeheartedly without fear of judgment. Sitting there talking is just as enjoyable as going out. You actively listen and find solutions to disagreements easily.

4. Self-love

Both of you have self-love that enhances the love you have for one another. You admire the personal growth of your partner. You notice yourself organically changing for the better. Offering each other healthy space optimizes your time once you reconnect.

5. Live in the moment

You are present when you all spend time together. You cherish every memory and live life to the fullest. You all savor your experiences and don’t take your partner for granted.

6. Instinct

When you know, you know. Your gut says so. Your mind and heart agree without hesitation.

Ready to dive deeper? You’ve checked the list and your happiness with your partner is at an all-time high. Now, let’s dissect how to enhance your spirituality with your partner.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Chakras, but what are they? Chakra theory is the insight on your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical beings. It’s getting to know yourself as you heal your emotional distress and change your bad life patterns gradually. They’re seven Chakras, or “wheel” or “disk”, which make up the energy centers in your body.

1. The Root Chakra references the feelings of security, trusting others and safety. Being grounded and feeling secure is vital to balancing this energy. Clear this blockage by removing old and negative stories while letting go of the past. Aim to gain a sense that can handle whatever happens.

2. The Sacral Chakra fuels creativity, pleasure, and desire. It says not to fear passion by not suppressing stuff that you want or denying yourself to indulge. Try new things and fresh experiences with your partner to get your energy flowing like this water element.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra is your personal power linked by fire and sun for your growth and expansion. This energy identifies your ambition and your ability to be confident. When balanced, you can honor yourself and be more fearless in your choices as you take control of your life.

4. The Heart Chakra allows you to give and receive love freely. When this energy is jammed, you are unavailable. Unclogging this force welcomes joy and self-acceptance.

5. The Throat Chakra embodies clear and open communication. Practice honesty and integrity for a deep understanding of your powerful words. Respectfully listen to your partner as you promote self-expression. Remain true to yourself and your principles through daily actions.

6. The Third Eye Chakra focuses on the big picture. Ask your partner the miracle question: What happens if your problems were magically solved? Responses to this question provides awareness of your partner’s thoughts. Tune into your intuition to help you make wise decisions.

7. The Crown Chakra discovers what brings your relationship alive through positive questions and respectful inquiries. This power lets you as a couple review your past, successes, potential, values and strengths. To fully connect, follow these steps: identify an important relationship, discover an experience that you want to celebrate and maintain those contributions to sustain your relationship, dream about your future together, design the plan to accomplish your future, and learn your intentions to commit to your destiny.

Lastly, wrap your connection up with a beautiful bow. As a couple, you can do a few things to sustain your spirituality (individually and together). Meditation quiets your mind and helps your realign your energy. Deep cuddles enhance connection, especially before bed. The 7 breathe forehead exercise (touch foreheads, tilt chins down, & take 7 deep breaths) builds intimacy. Uninterrupted listening displays to your partner that you understand their thoughts and heard their feelings by empowering your communication skills. Practice these methods to grow your spiritual connection beyond your wildest dreams. Balance is bliss.

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