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Are You Dating an F-boy?

You’ve heard the term and may have dated one. Goddesses love to justify behavior that

doesn’t truly sit well with your souls. That desperation drives your intuition away because

you want so badly that perfect relationship in your head. Yes, you think you’re woke now,

but are you sure?

First, let’s reveal what a real F-boy is. He is the dude that sleeps around and avoids

commitment like the best of them. He’s sort of a charming loser and possibly a womanizer.

In old school terms, he’s a player who has a roster of girls. He’s disrespectful and fits some

stereotypes. They don’t care about the girls’ feelings, yet he acts entitled. The problem

nowadays is that these modern-day F-boys don’t come dressed in the same costume.

They’ve become smarter and more subtle with the F-boyness.

Stop falling for these guys. Let’s step up your F-boy radar so you can catch flights and not

feelings. Watch out for these warning signs.

1. Say less

They have surface conversations with you despite how much time has passed. Good

luck trying to dig deep or talk about your darkest secrets. He’s only revealing to you

what you can literally see or look up online. He doesn’t care how your day was or

what’s going on in your life. You can’t depend on him for support.

2. Tell me what you want

If you wanted to listen to Dru Hill, you would. Instead, this guy cites lyrics to sing

sweet nothings, and I mean nothing, in your ear. He knows exactly what you want to

hear when you want. He doesn’t like labels and wants to go with the flow.

3. Worst behavior

You find yourself justifying the feelings of being used. Telling yourself every excuse

in the book won’t silence your gut. Eventually, or that one day he pisses you off, you

will validate yourself. If it feels wrong, it is. He won’t commit.

4. Netflix and chill

He only wants to hang out in the house. You can forget about trying out that new

restaurant you saw on Instagram. You already know he’s going to ask you to pick up

takeout on the way home. He asks to borrow money when he does see you and is

always struggling. His role is blaming others for his bad luck and he can't keep a job.

5. 21 Questions

Ever wonder if he likes you as much as you like him? Your over-analyzing leaves you

guessing how he feels when his actions don’t match his words. Then when you

initiate a conversation about your status, he makes you feel like you're asking too

much. He gets super defensive and avoids answering direct questions.

6. Freaks come out at night

It’s crickets during the day and it takes him a long time or days to reply to your

messages. Your phone works for everybody else, except him. He mostly sends sexual

messages and wants to hang out late at night. Pillow talk is the only exchange he

wants to have with you.

7. We are family

He doesn’t introduce you to his loved ones after a long period of time. Thanksgiving

passed and Christmas did too. You went to your family functions separately. He

ensures he doesn’t mention their names. End of story.

8. B.U.D.D.Y.

He won’t prioritize you as expected. He leaves you waiting until the last minute to

make plans. He’s actually waiting on better plans. Sometimes you don’t hear from

him until AFTER the weekend. He’d rather play video games with his boys.

9. Pose

He loves taking selfies. You know because you’ve witnessed it. He loves to pose for

you as you snap pictures, but he doesn’t want to take photos together. #Noevidence.

He also doesn’t like to be tagged on social media. You can’t because he denied your

friend request.

10. Birthday suit

He requests nude pictures, especially early in the game. He pressures you to send

them right away. If you give him a hard time, he’ll guilt trip you until he gets what he

wants. He wants to get physical ASAP. He claims you don’t like him if you tell him

you want to wait. He doesn’t have patience to move at your speed and tells you that

he can get any girl he wants. He thinks it’s an honor that he chose you. He really

wants you for sex.

11. D*ck-matized

He supplies vitamin D better than Nature Made’s. He delivers every time and makes

you forget all the things you were questioning. You’re under his spell, in a flat out

stupor, ready and willing to expose your freaky side. He has you doing things you

never did, in ways you didn’t know your body could bend.

Girl, don’t be a victim of a F-boy! They’re coming to a neighborhood near you.

Remember the signs and run! It’s hard to not reminisce about the orgasms and his

touch. Be strong and get your toy. Don’t play yourself. That was his job. You will feel

used the longer you entertain these guys, because they ARE using you to get what

they want. In reality, you’re asking them for the bare minimum. Eventually they will

drain you, have you thinking you’re asking for too much, and gaslit you. Once you’re

turned off by him, it’s easier to move on. Don’t let it get to that point, so just pass on

him from the beginning. Remove them from the pedestal and see them for who they

actually are. Upgrade your standards today!

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