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Importance of Touch to Our Systems + in Our Relationships

What’s a relationship without touching? It’s virtually impossible. It’s a way to connect

on a deeper level. Touching isn’t solely related to sex. From kissing to holding hands,

touching enhances your intimacy. It’s beyond important for your system and

relationship. The benefits are endless. Let’s dive into the importance of touch.

1. Stress relief

Something as simple as a hug changes your mood. Imagine having a terrible day at work

and everything went wrong. You’re stressed to the max and don’t know whether to

scream or cry. You go home to welcome an embrace from your partner and you instantly

melt into their arms. Your stressors instantly disappear because you feel so loved and

relieved. Their physical support lets you know everything’s going to be okay. A smile

grows as you rest your head on their chest, your blood pressure goes down, and your

heart rate syncs with theirs.

2. Relaxation

Picture yourself getting rubbed down with oil by your boo. No matter where they touch,

your muscles relax and your body exhales with bliss. A full body massage or just a nice

back rub does wonders to your relationship when you reciprocate this treat. Spoiling

your mate increases happiness and satisfaction in your partnership. The mere thought

of knowing you have someone to perform a massage is enough to bring a smile to your

face. Soaking in the bath surrounded by candles is an amazing way to chill without

Netflix. Conversations flow freely and your body’s intertwine in the warm water.

3. Communication

Vulnerability is easier when you’re touching your bae. Holding your hand as you vent is

very comforting. Pillow talk with your legs braided under the sheets, not only physically,

but emotionally, brings you closer. Your walls slowly lower each time you all share parts

of your past and future together. Over time, your bond grows, cementing your

connection. Your love is deeper when your mind, bodies, and souls are aligned. Being

able to talk about your likes and dislikes plus your needs and wants, is essential to

having a successful relationship. Naturally when you’re in love, you’ll find yourselves

touching each other subconsciously because your partner is now your comfort zone.

4. Keeping in touch

Popular opinion may not consider this a form of traditional touch, but in this modern

age, virtual communication is crucial to maintain your relationship. Whether you’re

dating locally or long-distance, sending messages releases endorphins the same way

when you’re physically touched. Talking on the phone, hearing your partner’s voice, and

being excited is necessary in between in-person meetings. Consistent communication

cultivates your relationship and makes you have a sense of security when you’re apart.

It’s like a meeting of the minds and everyone fantasizes about their partner when they’re

not around. If you’re any good at it, it is possible to feel them even if they’re not

physically there.

5. The power of touch

Touching is vital to sustaining a relationship. It activates your oxytocin, the love

hormone, and an attachment to your partner. When a couple is truly connected, they

physically touch a lot. The opposite rings true as well. A couple having relationship

issues is likely to avoid touching their partner. It’s easier to stay mad or hold a grudge

when you eliminate touching. Imagine if you were upset with your boo and they walked

by grazing your arm. There’s almost a guarantee that you’ll feel some sort of tingle in

your spine. Then watch how your mood changes. Next thing you know, you have the

urge to touch them, kiss them. It’s a way to communicate your emotions without

speaking. Touch sends messages such as empathy, love, sadness, gratitude, and so on.

When you’re connected in every way, a couple understands what their touches mean

without explaining. Eventually, sex happens when you all want to make love. Caressing

and exploring your bodies definitely enhances your experiences. Nobody wants to

always get to the point without touching (i.e. foreplay). Not to say that quickies aren’t

fun, but sometimes a goddess wants the platinum package.

Just a touch of love, a little bit. Touching is an organic way to connect with your partner

through good and bad times. The importance of touching is essential for both to

understand. Both parties should want to show affection, even if “that’s not their thing”.

At the end of the day, when you love someone, nothing will stop you from touching

them. Touching has positive effects on people (i.e. mood booster, stable heart rate, low

stress). It’s calming and promotes healthy interpersonal relationships. A lack of touch

negatively affects your mental health. Speaking with your partner on the phone or in-

person both stimulates oxytocin. This is why it’s important to keep in touch when you’re

not able to see each other. Phone calls and video chats are great ways to stay connected.

Whatever you do, never lose touch.

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