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Relationship Rituals for Closeness

Relationships come in many forms from traditional to modern. It’s simply defined as a

committed partnership between two people connected with passion. The great thing about

relationships is you can create your own version together. It only has to make sense to you

and your boo. As long as there is a mutual understanding about what you all want your

relationship to look like, your bond is unique and special.

A great relationship consists of multiple layers to grow your bond. One partnership is

different from another, yet they should have similar foundations. So, comparing isn’t ideal

and you may find yourself sabotaging your situation trying to keep up with your friends and

family. Focus on your experience and make the best of it. With love comes trust,

communication, sensuality, and quality time. There’s more to it, but the groundwork is

essential to build a strong relationship. When the bones are good, the frame won’t fall when

times get hard. You both are secure that your partnership can withstand any storm. That

confidence is felt to your cores and as you all make it to the other side, your relationship

becomes stronger and stronger. It brings you closer.

Let’s discover ways to maintain your closeness through relationship rituals. They are

traditions and cute habits that you and your partner do for each other to keep the fire

burning. As you get to know each other, you design a routine forming a comfort zone. Check

out ideas to practice with your love to sustain your connection.

1. Morning meditation: a peaceful technique to clear your minds and begin the day with

a positive attitude. This is a nice method to silence the outside world and join forces.

2. Thoughtful texts: good morning messages wishing your babe a great day places a

smile on their face, adding a pep in their step. Anticipating these words automatically

puts you all in a cozy mood around the expected time you usually receive the alerts.

3. Hot stuff: calling your boo to give them compliments offers them the confidence

boost they may need. It makes your partner feel wanted and loved.

4. What’s the tea: pillow talk about any and everything with your sweetheart fulfills

your guilty pleasures. You all can talk about your favorite shows, sports, or the family

drama. Whatever tickles your fancy, share those moments between the sheets.

5. A little pick-me-up: brew some delicious coffee as they get ready or grab a cup for

you two before work. Helping your bae wake up and get the day started is a warm


6. Celebrations: going out on special days such as your anniversary, birthdays, or

holidays to create amazing memories. Revisiting the same place you met on your

anniversary is a sweet way to honor your love. Ordering the same meals lets you all

indulge in nostalgia.

7. Post-its: love letters or sappy notes left around the house are intimate ways to

express your feelings. These remind them that they’re on your mind and a priority.

Try hiding them in different spaces such as the car or closet to keep things

interesting. Get creative and make it like a never-ending game.

8. Off the grid: turn off your devices after 8PM to savor the quality time to share details

about your day or anything that’s going on in your life. Keep it light and nothing too

stressful or serious as you all relax. Pour some wine and sip until you all fall asleep.

9. Date Night: get all dressed up at least once a month. Explore your city by trying out

new eateries. Have fun doing adventures such as riding bikes or kayaking. Step out of

the norm and take turns doing what you all like to do. Comedy shows, concerts, or

museums are cool ways to enjoy each other’s company.

10. 3 little words: saying ‘I love you’ before you leave home or after you kiss goodnight is

a comforting practice that never gets old. You can’t say those words enough. It’s

guaranteed to make you tingle inside.

11. Movie Night: every Friday, grab a soft blanket and warm up the popcorn to watch

films as you cuddle. Order a pizza and make delicious cocktails. Cheers to love!

12. Pray Together: hold hands, close your eyes, and express gratitude for the people in

your life and all the blessings you all have received. It’s a respectful and spiritual

routine that keeps you all grounded.

13. Talk More: call you boo on their lunch break to check on them. Carving this time out

daily ensures they feel special. Exchanging laughter and telling them you miss them

cements your bond.

Incorporating these relationship rituals are sure to bring you all closer than close. As you

enjoy experiences, you all can add more cutesy things such as inside jokes and phrases you

can say around others that only you two know what it means. Always touch your partner to

stay connected. Beginning and ending the day with a kiss always reactivates your

connection. Don’t let your spark fizzle!

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