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Self-actualization + Desire

Self-actualization is your desire to grow to obtain your goals. Attaining your hopes and dreams leads to fulfillment. It’s something that we all want in life. A life without purpose is not living it to the fullest. This journey is ongoing. You’re always a work in progress to reach your full potential.

Now that you grasp the concept, let’s talk about how to get started.

  1. Be open-minded

Take everything with a grain of salt on the margarita glass. Try new things without letting fear run the show. Don’t worry about the unknown and embrace what may happen next. In essence, you’re releasing control in the aspects of your life that you force. If you haven’t realized by now through your own experiences, most things are out of your control. Accept that whatever happens, you’ll be okay. Everything happens for a reason. Live in the moment and get excited for the lessons from the universe. It’s always better on the other side of a disappointment. You have to learn how to see the good in things and not let it ruin your day. If your flight gets cancelled, yes, you’ll be upset. But, maybe the airline awarded you with a credit to use in the future. Now you get to enjoy a free night at the hotel and eat well on their dime. Go with the flow and accept that you can handle whatever is thrown at you. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  1. Me, myself, and I

No matter your relationship status, you’re a single person. You have your own mind and must function by yourself daily. A partner may enhance your experiences, but eventually, you have no choice but to do most things alone. Loving yourself is mandatory. It may not come natural, yet you have to discover how to practice self-love. Gain insight on setting healthy boundaries with others to protect your peace. This guides you to be respectful to yourself and understand your worth. Just know that you’re priceless! Your value increases the more you believe that you are an amazing goddess. You like yourself. You enjoy spending time by yourself, whether it’s at home or on a solo trip. Be your best friend and your cheerleader without depending on other people to support you 24/7. You have to be okay if nobody answers your call when you need. Your happiness is not defined by anyone else. You ought to be blissful no matter what happens or who disappears. Be kind to yourself and others. Let your confidence exude to complement your inner beauty. Hold yourself accountable and forgive yourself as needed. Self-love means prioritizing your well-being and not allowing others to mistreat you. Recognize your strengths, but be able to ask for help. Hype yourself up when you accomplish your goals. Keep it real with yourself and don’t tolerate dishonesty. Appreciate your me time without feeling awkward. Savor your peace. Love being you, unapologetically.

  1. Live in your purpose

Embrace being delighted to dig deep. Find out what you’re meant to be. It should excite you to unravel your layers and pinpoint your passion. Once you realize your purpose, simply existing isn’t an option. Dedicate your life to spending your energy on things that align with your ambitions. It may look like donating your time at a charity or being an activist in social justice. It defines you in the most extraordinary way. When you continue to do everything with a purpose, whether it’s your career or dating, you waste no time in entertaining anything that doesn’t reinforce your plan. Once you know what you want, it’s easier to admit what you don’t need. Negative people or situations that don’t promote positivity don’t have a place in your life. Your relationships and friendships are meaningful. Don’t take them for granted. Let’s not keep unnecessary people who don’t share the same values around.

  1. Stay focused

Be self-aware of your best abilities and parts of you that need work. Try being realistic and acknowledge the meaning in things. You may analyze the ups and downs. You will see the light and perceive the root of it all. Welcome the aha moments and don’t ignore helpful signs. Stay in tune with the universe and like what it brings you. Don’t be afraid to be free and experience life to the fullest. Be present and in the moment. Ensure that your soul is satisfied emotionally and mentally. Pay attention when the universe clarifies stressful situations to give you a chance to focus on the best choices. Be grateful for the little things – sunsets, delicious desserts, nice gestures from others. Everything has a valuable meaning and if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t covet it.

Desire is paired with self-actualization. Once you’re familiar with yourself, you can go after exactly what you wish for in a partner. From their personality to your deal breakers, you are sure what meets your needs. There’s no settling. As you connect with a person, your sensuality craves ecstasy. Divulge your sexual preferences and experiment in and outside of the bedroom. Intimacy increases as you bond with your special someone. Adding in spontaneity encourages your creative juices to flow. Being transparent with your likes and dislikes pleases your erotic appetite. A fun sex life enhances your overall relationship. It keeps it interesting, promoting satisfaction. Each person enjoys giving pleasure to their partner to maintain healthy engaging. Your energy matches in every way.

Self-actualization helps you grow into the person you hope to be. Practicing the elements of the process leads you to fulfillment. Desiring this for yourself is the ultimate goal. This extends into you being the best person. Knowing who you are before entering a relationship inspires a successful partnership. Mutual fulfillment boosts your devotion to reward each other with love and respect. Connecting on deeper levels intensifies your union as you both understand how to make bad situations good. You all recognize the importance to treat each other fairly and to be open. Honesty laced with transparency aids in finding solutions to your problems. When your morals and values are parallel to your partner’s, it builds a positive and trustful environment. Pursuing your purpose gives you a sense of direction individually and collectively. It’s liberating to be yourself and share your life with someone on the same wavelength. Live your best life!

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