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Tantra, healing + deeper connections

Tantra, an ancient Indian practice, means woven together. Tantric sex joins the physical and spiritual aspects, focusing on intimacy. This pleasurable experience isn’t all about sex. It practices mindfulness, spirituality, and sexuality at heightened sensual levels. It’s savoring the feelings that help you and/or your partner(s) reach elevated ecstasy. The goal is to connect on a deeper level and not to solely achieve orgasms. This slow method incorporates breathing, movements, and sounds to stimulate intense energy.

Get ready to soar to sensuality solo, called white tantra, or with your partner, considered red tantra. Let’s discover ways to engage in this sensible sex.

  1. Relax: Select a quiet and calm space that’s free of distractions. Get comfortable.

  1. Relate: Be open to uniting with yourself or your partner’s spirit. Feel the energy.

  1. Release: Clear your mind and be present. Live in the moment.

First, experiment with yourself. This is a great gateway to red tantra. It helps you become more in tune with your body before sharing it with your partner(s).

  1. Turn off the lights: Light a candle. Set the mood with sexy music. Use aromatherapy to awaken your senses. Unwind with a glass of wine.

  1. Breathe again: Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Repeat a few times. Listen as you continue to calm yourself. Let your body loosen up.

  1. Touch my body: Caress your soft skin. Close your eyes. Explore slowly. Very slowly, from head to toe. Don’t skip any parts and take your time.

  1. Start it up: Use your hands to masturbate. Turn on your favorite toys. As you think you’re about to climax, pull away. Indulge and slow down. Spoil yourself by trying different positions.

  1. Let it go: Step it up a notch. Increase the speed. Allow yourself to be aware of the pleasure and how it makes you feel. Go for the orgasm!

Now, bring in your partner(s). You are knowledgeable about what you like. You can exchange that information with your partner(s).

  1. Let’s talk about sex: Express your cravings to share this amazing experience with them. Explain what you got out of it. Entice them with details about how you satisfied yourself. This provides insight on where to begin. Get on the same page and be excited about the possibilities of this bringing you closer.

  1. Healing: Now that you feel safe, you’re able to tap into suppressed emotions. Your past relationships may have consisted of abuse or shortcomings. Not being able to be vulnerable is common when one person doesn’t trust their partner. Tantric healing repairs sexual trauma. Allowing your partner(s) inside emotionally, promotes a deeper connection physically. Your intimacy enhances organically when everyone is open to new practices. Tantric healing improves lack of erections and premature ejaculation by relieving anxiety. It also alleviates vaginal pain by preventing dryness from mental blocks of performing undesired sex. Body armoring, a defense mechanism that forces your body to not enjoy pleasure or excitement in response to uncomfortable sensations, can be reversed.

  1. Closer than close: Embrace your partner(s) with firm and long hugs. Close your eyes and enjoy their body against yours. Listen and feel your heartbeats syncing. Rest your head on their shoulder and wrap your legs around them. Rub each other’s backs and arms. Study your bodies with your fingertips. Continue to take deep breaths together and let yourselves evoke joyous noises. Produce satisfactory moans and don’t let them go. Rock from side-to-side as you all continue to massage your bodies. Adding a lavender oil encourages you all to relax. The longer you are in their arms, the more you all release tension and clear your minds.

  1. Before I let you go: Kiss each other on the lips, necks, and backs. Let your tongues connect slowly. Have a continuous makeout session to boost your energy. Maintain the foreplay longer than usual. Undress each other as you peck parts. Take advantage of oral sex. Allow the your emotions to intensify without giving in to genital sex. Enjoy the connection and let your bodies do the talking. Indulge in the moment.

  1. Green light: Intimacy heats up as you sense your bond increasing to elevated levels. The wait is over. Revel in the thrilling experience. Stay present and be free. Try new positions and have fun doing your favorites. Be more vocal and touchy feely throughout the fulfillment.

It’s not all about sex. It’s a bonus, like the cherry on top. You’re sure to connect on deeper levels than you’ve ever imagined. This transfers to more elements of your relationship to simply enhance it. You’ll find yourself more content than ever. Continue to practice these techniques. You can never go too deep, so dive in!

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